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Breaking out the CNC skills for this one.  The mysterious maze from Westworld:

Everyone loves a good sci-fi western. Between seasons, follow your heart and play with this mysterious maze to pass the time. This project is ready to go and just needs your support. I’m only making a very limited run of these.

I’ll be carving these about 8″ in diameter from top quality select kiln-dried pine and staining it dark. It’s 3/4″ thick and will come with three stainless steel ball bearings.

These will be engraved by a CNC router here in Baltimore at the Baltimore Node Makerspace. They’re then hand-sanded smooth, and stained dark.

This is my fifth project here on kickstarter. I’m confident that I’ll be able to get these into your hands before the end of February. It is a quick project with a fast turnaround time. I have everything I need to get started and just need your support.
Thanks for looking, and as always, please share this project with others. 

My newest project, a “Hold The Door” Hodor memorial doorstop. I’m laser engraving blocks of wood and offering a limited quantity of them for sale through the campaign. It’s already been funded over 400% (of only a $500 goal) and we’re less than 24 hours in. I’m only having this up for a week, so it’s a super quick one. Grab one while you can!

There’s been some media coverage on as well as mentions on several other sites like Vanity Fair and The Independant. Thanks for supporting the campaign and sharing it!

My friend Cody from DyeLlama and I have been working on this project for a while now and are ready to share it with you. We’re using pretty new awesome manufacturing techniques to make these maps here in Baltimore. The leather maps are laser engraved using the 80watt laser at the Baltimore Node. The canvas is dyed using UV reactive dye exposed to sunlight through a transparency. 
The map illustration itself was pieced together from original illustrations as well as two pieces from the public domain, the illustration of lord Baltimore’s ship and the original seal of Maryland. We found them in some Maryland archives online. The other illustrations of of cool things from around town, like Poe’s grave, the shot tower, science center, fed hill cannon, a slice of pizza in little Italy, Chessie, and a rat or two. Lots of landmarks in the downtown area and a bit beyond. It’s not everything in Baltimore, because they just wouldn’t fit because of the scale, but we included a lot and will have even more. There’s a bunch of pics up on the campaign site now, the video is great, so please check it out and share it on social media, and back it if you can.

Check out the campaign!

Share it and back it if you can.  Thanks!

If you helped me with this project, give yourselves a hand! In fact, why not head over to e-NABLE at and print out a hand for someone who needs one! They’re hosting an event here in Baltimore on Sunday the 28th, and are looking for about 150 more 3D printed hands for the people who need them.  
It took about a month, including the scanning, slicing, uploading, distributing, checking in pieces, tracking down missing ones for reprints, and the final assembly.  I’ll be giving a talk about the process and the platform on Thursday this week at Ignite Baltimore.  Thanks to all of you who helped by printing pieces, to Marty McGuire who helped glue and did website admin, Direct Dimensions for the scan, and Tinkerine Studios who sponsored some of the shipping costs.  If you’ve got a printer or know someone who does, head over to WeTheBuilders and sign up for alerts for our next project!
Here’s the build video:

More photos:

Today we launched our second crowdsourced 3d printed sculpture at

The way it works is that people who own a 3d printer can log in and download one 4″ chunk of a sculpture, 3d print it, and mail it back to Baltimore where they’re all getting glued together.  George was made earleir this year and has travelled allover the US to different shows and landmarks. Our next project which just launched today is Distributed Benjamin Franklin is our second supersized crowdsourced 3D print. Earlier this year, a new site, was launched by me and a team of 5 other makers at the ArtBytes Hackathon in Baltimore. With the help of 70 makers and their personal 3d printers worldwide, all 110 pieces were 3D printed and mailed to Maryland where they were all glued together to create the one-meter-tall sculpture called George Crowdsourcington.  

George has been traveling all over the country to over a dozen events. He debuted at the NY 3D Print Show, went to Inside 3D Printing Conference in New Yrok, did a residency at the Adafruit office in Manhattan, traveled to South-by-Southwest, Direct Dimensions, The Baltimore Node Hackerspace, several mini-Maker Faires, 3D/DC, Public Knowledge’s HQ, ConFabulation Symposium and 3D Printed Art Gallery at Prince George’s Community College, the US Science and Engineering Festival in DC, and even visited the Capitol Building and the National Mall.  Next month he’ll be at the Silver Spring Maker Faire and World Maker Faire in NY.The hope is that with your help we’ll be able to print all 198 pieces needed to bring Distributed Ben Franklin together in time for the Silver Spring and World Maker Faires.  The parts are available at and anyone with a 3d printer is free to get started! The project just launched on Monday, August 4th and we’re hoping to get all the parts shipped to Baltimore by September 1st, in time for us glue. The model of Ben was sliced up into pieces using netfabb. Any piece which was totally inside the sculpture and a perfect cube was removed, since there’s no need for us to 3D print that.

Tinkerine Studios (the makers of the DittoPro 3D printer) sponsored both the George Crowdsourcington and Distributed Ben Franklin projects by reimbursing shipping costs for makers who participate by 3D printing and mailing in their parts.

Direct Dimensions of Owings Mills, MD did the 3d scanning for us.

We The Builders is a fun free project to be a part of.  It’s great to use your 3D printed to create something awesome with other makers from all over the world. You can find all the details and get started over at

Baltimore Node members Marty McGuire, Amy Hurst and myself, along with the help of Dave Fine (future node member though he hasn’t agreed yet,) Matt Griffin (community manager at adafruit,) and Ryan Kittleson (awesome digital sculptor,) all worked on a cool project last weekend at the ArtBytes II hackathon at the Walters Art Museum.  We’ve laid the foundation but now we need your help!   We’re not asking for money… just 3D print time.  It’s a crowdsourced 3d printing project which will be featured at the NY 3D Print Show next weekend.

Anyone with a printer and a few spare printing hours can help us out by logging in, grabbing a piece and printing it out.  The work is made up of 110 pieces which can fit on a home printer, will get mailed to us here and assembled into one giant replica of the george washington bust which direct dimensions scanned at the museum last Thursday.  Tinkerine Studio ahs offerent to reimburse people for their USPS first class shipping costs, so feel free to print a few pieces and mail them in!

Once complete we’ll bring it to the NY 3D Print Show on Feb 13th where it will be displayed as the featured piece at the show, along with your name on a plaque thanking you for helping.  Tell everyone you know who has a printer, and spread the word! Pleae get your parts delivered to me by Feb 10th.

This weekend at the Walters Art Gallery, there’s the second Artbytes hackathon. Last year lots of teams focused on way-finding, APIs and QR codes or something. I’m not sure. I just 3D scanned stuff and made mashups. This year I hope to do something a bit more significant and a big more ambitious.

There are a lot of people already helping but it’d be awesome if you could too. The plan is to 3D scan the George Washington sculpture which they recently removed from the monument, digitally slice him up into pieces and print him back out full size with the help of printers everywhere. What’s crazy about this sculpture is that it’s of George when he was a bit younger than he looks on the dollar bill, plus he’s got a roman haircut and is wearing a toga. Here’s a pic I copied from the Baltimore Sun and alink to their article on it’s moving from the monument down to the Walters..

Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun
I snapped these photos this morning.  This is what he looks like, where he sits just up the stairs when you enter the museum through the Charles St. entrance.

Direct Dimensions will be doing the scanning with high-end scanners, the Faro Arm and the Artec. I’ll be bringing three Tinkerine Studio Ltd. ‪printers: two Ditto+ machines and a Litto to print out what we can on site at the museum. We’ll also be distributing the files online. Marty said he’s going to help build a platform for crowd-sourcing a large print like this, and I’ll be feeding him the files for the site. The plan is to have people like you print them out and mail them to us so we can rebuild it rather quickly. If you want to help print out parts and tell your friends who you know who have printers to do the same! Of course anyone who prints a piece will get their name listed online and on a plaque saying that they helped out. The plan is that you’re able to check out a part, print it mail it to us, and we’ll assemble the whole thing. Please send ’em to:

Crowdsourced George Washington
c/o Direct Dimensions
10310 S. Dolfield Road
Owings Mills, MD. 21117

Here’s a little article about George, and his very long journey. They moved him from the monument… to the Walters which is like 100 feet. Let’s work together and get him a bit farther than that… to the Internets! (or to Owings Mills if you want to get technical about it…)

Lots of awesome folks will be coming to town, like the awesome sculptor Ryan Kittleson who makes all the 3d printed memes, and Matt Griffin from Adafruit. One of the judges is Sid Meier, the cat who made civilization, so that’s pretty cool too. Hope to see you there (please RSVP… it’s free) this weekend! Starts Friday at 6pm, .

I’ve been working hard this past week and created three cool new things.  The GlassKap MacroLens, GlassKap Crosshairs, and a cool new space blaster.  My kickstarter campaign is nearly funded (over 90% at the time of this post)  and there is still about 2.5 weeks to go.  A few people have messaged me asking for specific accessories so I’ve decided to split apart some of the reward tiers and allow backers to pledge to a particular item or two instead of buying the entire pack.  To do this, I’ve added the GlassKap Pick-One and Pick-Two as reward tiers.   Using these tiers are a good way to get the two new accessories I’ve just added today.  If you haven’t yet seen the Kickstarter, please check it out before reading on.

GlassKap MacroLens

The GlassKap MacroLens is quite cool. Here’s a normal photo taken without the GlassKap MacroLens.  Notice how the background is all crisp, and the ring is blurry. 

With the GlassKap Macro Lens, it swaps; blurry space blaster in the background, but super clear up close shots. Check the detail on the ring… and my dirty fingernails:

GlassKap Crosshairs
The GlassKap Crosshairs, not to be confused with the original GlassKap Targeting Scope, actually overlays a set of crosshairs over every photograph taken.  

The Crosshairs and MacroLens are both available through the Pick-One or Pick-Two reward tier options.  Since I started work on these two later in the campaign, and the Macro Lens is a more complicated piece, I’m setting the expected delivery date for the Pick-one and Pick-two for October, just to be safe.  I think I can get it to you in September but I would rather under-promise than under-deliver.
The third thing I made this week is the Space Blaster.  It’s modular, and I’ll be making a bunch more variations to create different pieces, and I hope to have a few to sell at detroit maker faire at the end of the month, and a whole bunch at NY Maker Faire in September. The files to print it out can be downloaded here.

If you haven’t yet seen the campaign, head over to and check it out!


Hi there, and welcome! 

I just launched my Kickstarter campaign for GlassKap, a lens cover and other fun hardware accessories for Google Glass. GlassKap is a plastic, perfectly formed lens cover for Google Glass. GlassKap provides a visual cue to your friends and those around you that you are neither recording them nor snapping pictures with the blink of an eye. The Kaps come in vibrant, noticeable colors that put people at ease. While the Kap is snapped, no recording can happen. If you’re coming here from the New York Times article, here is a link to the campaign. Check out the video, and get involved!