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My friend Cody from DyeLlama and I have been working on this project for a while now and are ready to share it with you. We’re using pretty new awesome manufacturing techniques to make these maps here in Baltimore. The leather maps are laser engraved using the 80watt laser at the Baltimore Node. The canvas is dyed using UV reactive dye exposed to sunlight through a transparency. 
The map illustration itself was pieced together from original illustrations as well as two pieces from the public domain, the illustration of lord Baltimore’s ship and the original seal of Maryland. We found them in some Maryland archives online. The other illustrations of of cool things from around town, like Poe’s grave, the shot tower, science center, fed hill cannon, a slice of pizza in little Italy, Chessie, and a rat or two. Lots of landmarks in the downtown area and a bit beyond. It’s not everything in Baltimore, because they just wouldn’t fit because of the scale, but we included a lot and will have even more. There’s a bunch of pics up on the campaign site now, the video is great, so please check it out and share it on social media, and back it if you can.

I didn’t blog about this when I created it but it looks cool so I figured I’d share the pictures. I gifted this to my friend Jenny. It’s a pretty neat competitive puzzle game. I just used birch plywood, cut it at the node, stained it, and hand painted the symbols. The raised walls are important to the gameplay, and the off-the-shelf version of the game just has printed graphics instead of a physical wall. The pieces are 3D prined and are the Make: robot. I downloaded their .stl file here and you can download my mishmash of source files I created for the game here. It’s poorly documented but should provide a great starting point for anyone interested in making their own.

Bought a copper clad circuit board from radio shack

I spraypainted it black.

Then I drew the shapes I wanted in autocad, and prepared the file for the laser cutter.  I did a test in the corner first.  The laser blasts away the black spraypaint, exposing the copper

mixed 2 parts hcl with 1 part h2o2, which forms a copper eating solution.  

The liquid turns green as it eats away the copper

After lasercutting, A small amount of residue was still on the board, and caused it to not etch away in the solution, so I rubbed a tiny amount of acetone to wash off the residue, but it smudged the mask so the results were subpar. I had no idea acetone was that effective on paint. It smudged instantly, but I thought I’d be able to quickly rub and wipe.

 acetone washes away the remaining paint

second attempt:

Better, but still not good enough. Using the rubbing alcohol to clean up the residue was a big improvement over the acetone swipe.   I’m looking for straight lines, 90ยบ corners, and round circles.  I’m not sure if maybe I’m not letting the paint dry enough, or maybe this method isn’t accurate enough for what I’m doing.