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Breaking out the CNC skills for this one.  The mysterious maze from Westworld:

Everyone loves a good sci-fi western. Between seasons, follow your heart and play with this mysterious maze to pass the time. This project is ready to go and just needs your support. I’m only making a very limited run of these.

I’ll be carving these about 8″ in diameter from top quality select kiln-dried pine and staining it dark. It’s 3/4″ thick and will come with three stainless steel ball bearings.

These will be engraved by a CNC router here in Baltimore at the Baltimore Node Makerspace. They’re then hand-sanded smooth, and stained dark.

This is my fifth project here on kickstarter. I’m confident that I’ll be able to get these into your hands before the end of February. It is a quick project with a fast turnaround time. I have everything I need to get started and just need your support.
Thanks for looking, and as always, please share this project with others. 

My newest project, a “Hold The Door” Hodor memorial doorstop. I’m laser engraving blocks of wood and offering a limited quantity of them for sale through the campaign. It’s already been funded over 400% (of only a $500 goal) and we’re less than 24 hours in. I’m only having this up for a week, so it’s a super quick one. Grab one while you can!

There’s been some media coverage on as well as mentions on several other sites like Vanity Fair and The Independant. Thanks for supporting the campaign and sharing it!